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I've been a truth seeker for several years now. In that time I've explored material from many different sources and teachings. I've learned to use my own intuition to filter material, to know what resonates within. I regularly look at the spirit guides web site, and to be honest many of the articles resonate very little to me, or stand out.

That is until I see the sister Julia messages. A smile comes over my face as I have no doubt these messages come from a humble and loving source. I find them simple and easy to read. To me the best things in life are simple.

Anyway, please keep up the good work knowing that there are still people out there who enjoy reading the messages and giving thought to the words contained within.

When others see the articles, some may choose to read them, others may not, but Joan is putting something different in front of people, an opportunity to see things in a different light and to me that is the most important thing.

God Bless,

K Geary
Limerick, Ireland

10th June 2013









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