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Over fifty years ago Joan Fountain trained to become a healer. At that time Joan was working in Knightsbridge as a masseur and Spirit had to change the manner of her work from massage to healing. She had to learn that she was there purely as an instrument and not as herself, Joan. After a time, she was able to do this and learned to withdraw from herself and let Spirit do the work. Dr Richard Wilson had chosen to work through Joan in order to do the healing. He was last on the earth plane over one hundred years ago. 

Joan regrettably is no longer able to give healing at London's The Sylvan Healing Sanctuary which she had founded with three other healers, due to her age. Each of the founders was truly committed to bringing spiritual healing, love and understanding to all those in need and they really gave most of their lives to this end. Joan has carefully trained a group of healers to take over this work and when she comes to The Sanctuary for healing, another of her guides, the beautiful Sister Julia, opens the healing session with a pure and lovely channeled prayer. It is these prayers which are typed and form the basis of this website.

We are honoured to count Joan as a friend. She is a special lady, still very much young at heart (at the age of 97), who is able to 'pick you up' with her choice words of wisdom. The reason we started 'Joan's Prayers' was that we felt Sister Julia's prayers were so uplifting and moving to the healers, that they should be enjoyed by as many people as possible, who would benefit from reading these wonderful messages. They are made available for patients to read at the Sanctuary but really deserved a wider audience as they are relevant words, full of love, care and advice channeled directly from Spirit. The idea for this website came to me whilst working on reception at The Sanctuary - and now these prayers are out in the open, we are certain that they will enable you to gain much strength, peace, inspiration and guidance from them. Since 2014, these messages from Spirit have taken on a more powerful and deeper tone, often with an added urgency, including topics such as the heralding of a new age and the significance of other planets. 

P.S. Why the lavender photographs? They were chosen as they have a calming, uplifting effect (especially when you are there in person) - similar to the prayers themselves. Spirit certainly moves in fascinating ways. A day or two before I finished this website in October 2010, and spoke with Joan for the first time about it and for her approval, unbeknown to me, she had mentioned to the healers that she was unfortunately thinking of no longer channeling the prayers, as she felt that they were mainly filed away without being read by many patients. Now that they can be viewed by many more people (each new prayer we are pleased to note, often being read by many thousands of people via www.thespiritguides.co.uk - with one particular prayer having been viewed almost 40,000 times), I am thankful that I was given the task to encourage Joan to continue with her channeling. 

It is with sadness that I write that Joan passed away in her 98th year, and I have purposely kept the small biography above, as it was written originally. She will be missed by so many people whose lives she had touched and helped. She will be fondly remembered for her deep connection with Spirit, her wealth of Spiritual knowledge, her devotion to healing and prayer, advice given, and her warmth and laughter. This site is therefore dedicated to her life and work. Until we meet again - goodbye and thank you Joan for all that you did (19th February 1924 - 26th October 2021.)

Updated November 2021. 





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