Here are some informative websites which you may find of interest.  This spiritual healing sanctuary is based in Winchmore Hill, London. The charity has been providing healing and development circles for over 50 years.  This charity promotes the teachings of the guide Silver Birch through the spiritual medium Maurice Barbanell. The wonderful books available for purchase are full of wisdom and insights into hundreds of topics. The Question & Answer book is highly recommended!  A fascinating monthly spiritualist magazine with articles, book reviews and questions and answers -  covering spiritualism, mediumship and the paranormal. Also highly recommended!  The Spiritual Association of Great Britain is based in Battersea, London. This charity offers mediumship via public demonstrations and private sittings, healing, numerous workshops and counselling.  This spiritual website has a wealth of articles, a psychic and events directory, a forum, channelings, many paranormal experiences and radio/podcast shows.  This training college offers residential study courses for mediumship and healing. Based in Stansted, Essex they also provide services, healing and private sittings.  Simon Heather is an author and healer and arranges sound healing workshops in Powys, Wales. The website has various articles showing amazing insights into how music affects us on a healing level and cds and books are also available to purchase.  Victor Zammit is an American lawyer who 'presents the case for the afterlife' through his book. This exhaustive database has information on psychics, mediums and 'scientific proof' of the afterlife.  Live and archived internet radio shows connected with healing, angels, spirit and health plus a link to purchase spiritual books and cds.  Detailed and interesting information and articles on a wide range of paranormal topics.  The Leslie Flint Educational Trust is a non-profit organisation promoting the work of the direct voice medium through recordings, transcripts and books.  Information relating to healing, mediumship and living a spiritual life.  The British Society of Dowsers  was formed in 1933 and encourages the study of dowsing through its courses, books and dowsing tools. They are based in Worcestershire and also have affiliated groups across the UK.  A non-profit website containing hundreds of spiritual, holistic and environmental articles including channelings and inspirational stories.  Spirit of Psychic News is a printed and internet based spiritualist newspaper concerning all aspects of spiritualism and mediumship.



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