Welcome to Joan's Prayers.

Many years ago Joan trained to become a healer. At that time Joan was working in Knightsbridge as a masseur. Spirit had to change the manner of her work from massage to healing. She had to learn that she was there purely as an instrument and not as herself, Joan. After a time she was able to do this and learned to withdraw from herself and let spirit do the work. Dr Richard Wilson, had chosen to work through Joan in order to do the healing. He was last on the earth plane over eighty years ago. 

Joan used to wonder why long ago, when she used to start healing and people wanted to talk, she would say “Talk afterwards. Enjoy your healing first and we’ll talk later.”  This was Doctor Wilson. He does not like to talk, only after the healing and then only the minimum amount. This is completely the opposite to Joan herself, who would certainly normally like to talk rather more than the minimum!

It has been confirmed that Doctor Wilson was with Joan for all of the twenty-five years she did massage. This explains why her clients derived such benefit from her ministrations and why she sometimes had sudden inspiration to say what was wrong with people. During those years she would often close her eyes and say, “Whoever is with me, please, let me tell this person what she wants to know, because I can’t” and after a few moments Joan would have the answer given and she would pass it on to her client. Her Doctor was helping her even then, although she did not really understand by what process she was being given the information.

Having an aunt and uncle who were both mediums, Joan was aware of spirit from an early age and they taught her many things. When she was small they would take her into the garden and speak of the auras of the flowers there and of people' auras. Her uncle was also a photographer who had the wonderful and rare gift of being able to capture spirit beings in his developed photographs and he would explain all this to Joan. Growing up, as a child and a young woman, Joan always felt herself to be somehow different to her peers. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. Even when she met her husband Alan, she once told him that she knew she was here for a reason but that she did not yet know what the reason could be. Now she knows. Sadly, her husband passed to spirit in October 1996, after more than fifty happy years together.

Joan's power guide, Hawk, was a Pawnee Indian chief and, in one of her former lives, Joan has been told she was Hawk's number three wife. He comes through in his full chief's regalia with a massive, colourful feather head-dress sweeping right down to the floor. A powerful and majestic figure, he has been a wonderful power guide and is a most wise and lovely soul.

Joan is sadly no longer able to give healing at the Sanctuary which she had helped run and where she had worked for so many years, due to her health and age. She is still though very much young at heart when you speak with her. Joan's main work now for and from spirit is her incredible ability to be able to intuitively tune into the vibrations of peoples' voices and by doing so, she can advise and help many people. Joan also channels prayers from her spirit guides which are said (and recorded) in front of the healers at the Sanctuary where she carried out her healing from and which she now attends for healing herself. They are used as an opening prayer before the healers commence their work. It is these prayers which are typed up that forms the basis of this website.

I am honoured to count Joan as a friend. She is a special, warm, kind, humorous lady with a great understanding and vast knowledge of spirit, who is able to 'pick you up' with her choice words of wisdom. She is also modest, which is why I am writing this about her and not her! The reason I started 'Joan's Prayers' was that I felt her prayers were so spirutually uplifting and moving, they should be enjoyed by as many people as possible who would benefit from reading these wonderful messages. They are made available for patients to read at the Sanctuary but really deserved a wider audience as they are important, relevant words channeled directly from spirit. The idea came to me whilst I was working on reception at The Sylvan Healing Sanctuary - and now these prayers are no longer 'hidden', I am certain that you too will gain much strength from them. 

Thank you Joan for all that you do.


P.S. The lavender photographs were chosen as they have a calming, uplifting effect (especially when you are there in person) - similar to the prayers.










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